About The girl Behind the Hustle

Hey Goalfriends! I’m Lu’Cretia, but I also go by LC. I’m thee girl behind this hustle! I created this community to not only inspire and encourage women to go after what they want in life, but to also pour into themselves. There is so much talk about the hustle, but what about the women behind the scenes making it all happen. It’s important that we talk about the real deal of what’s truly going on behind the hustle.

I want this community to be for all women. The working woman running out the door trying to balance the 9-5, the entrepreneur running on fumes, the stay at home mama finding time for herself, the college student who is still unsure. I see you!

I want us all to win, because a win for you is a win for me. So come on in, have a seat and let’s smash these goals together.

Lu’Cretia ‘LC’ Thomas

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