Jessica Lauren: Stop Asking For Permission. Create Your Own Yes


Today I'm chatting with Jessica Lauren the blogger behind the lifestyle + inspirational blog NoRealJewelry.Com and the host of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast-- a weekly podcast helping goal getters ditch the excuses, do the work + make ish happen. We're going behind the hustle to talk about how each of us can give ourselves permission to create the life we want. After being rejected for 9 years, Jessica created her own YES!

Jessica started her creative entrepreneurial journey in 2015–when she grew tired of dealing with the constant rejection in her acting career. Almost 4 years later and Jessica has turned her blog into a business.

She just recently launched her 8-week coaching program-- The Goal Getter Sessions where she helps folks break their huge Beyonce sized goals down into actionable steps while holding them accountable to their commitments and get over mental roadblocks that prevent them from being high achieving #GoalGetters. 

You can connect with Jessica and find out more information regarding the Goal Getters Sessions at @norealjewelry

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